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Winter Truffles...the wait is over

Finally the winter truffle is here from Provence, the Tuber Melanosporum, yes this is the beautifully pungent black truffle that will transform any dish you make.

Truffle in waiting...first I placed the truffle in with a few eggs so that it flavors them over night.

I also decided to try placing a truffle with fresh made butter together for a night, given that butter absorbs the flavor beautifully.

The best way to enjoy truffles is with a simple recipe.

Home made fettuccine pasta, and a truffle cream sauce.

With a pad of butter, fresh back pepper, salt and a hint of nutmeg, make a béchamel sauce,

right before you turn the heat off, add thin slices of truffles so the heat helps them release their flavors.

The serve on top of fettuccine. Add grated Pecorino Romano, or a french Cantal cheese.

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