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Provençal Sea Bream, Dorade

Our oh so chic and beautiful friend Valérie from Paris, was visiting and decided to make us a simple elegant meal. Given that we have an amazing fishmonger down the street, and we are less than an hour from Marseille, the availability of amazing seafood is really quite wonderful. She decides on Sea Bream, which is Dorade in French.

The recipe is simple because the fishmonger (poissonier) provides the fish clean and ready to be

cooked, and the rosemary is bountiful in the garden.

The stuffing:

Two cloves of garlic sliced thinly

A good bunch of rosemary on the stem

Sea salt

Black pepper

Extra virgin olive oil

Place all the stuffing inside the Dorade, and drizzle olive oil inside.

The take a few tomatoes, slice the, sprinkle with sea salt and and place around the fish.

To cook the fish, preheat oven A typical 1-2 pound might take 20-30 minutes at 400°F/200ºCelsius

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